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Enabling Leadership Excellence - One Leader at a Time

Sometimes the path to greater leadership can be hard. We get feedback that blindsides us, the business takes a downward turn or we face challenges that feel overwhelming or insurmountable, especially given all that has transpired in the world in the past two years.. And often it is difficult to know what to do next ... As leaders, it is hard to find someone to confide in about the challeges we face. These are situations where coaching can be immensely valuable.Providing a confidential and trusting relationship where we can be vulnerable and work through these challenges is truly where coaching can get us unstuck and take us to the next level.


Our vision is to enable your leadership development so you can become the very best leader you aspire to be. We focus on building your leadership capability through cultivating greater self-awareness, self-confidence, competence and compassion to enable the very best version of you in your leadership journey.


We encourage you to take the time to consider your strengths, motivations, values and capabilities- both from your own reflection and from the input of others who want to fully support your growth.


Our approach is designed to be purposeful and focused, and is built on the assumption that you have the capability to become an extraordinary leader with the support of a trusted coach.  This approach has effectively fueled our business since we started in 2006. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

Why Work on Your Leadership Development Now?

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About Us


Jean Gasen is a leadership coach and facilitator who is dedicated to helping individuals excel – one leader at a time. Jean founded her leadership development firm in 2006, driven by a passion for enabling individuals, teams and organizations to discover the best in themselves and one another. Her enthusiasm and entertaining yet thought-provoking presentations have also made her a successful and sought after keynote speaker.


Jean believes in treating you as a unique and capable leader with the capacity to move from good to great. She provides insight and support to help build a confidential relationship of trust and integrity that inspires accountability for your actions and motivation to grow. And her unique, diverse background, which sets her apart from others, provides you with the benefits of her experience and success in academia, industry and the international coaching community.


Jean has successfully worked with senior leaders who have had wide ranging challenges — from those who are told they talk too much (or listen too little) and need to work on “soft skills,” to those who try so hard to please others that they just can’t seem to say no and end up feeling overworked and overwhelmed. She also loves working with leaders who just want to step back, reflect upon where they are in their careers, and then consider what really matters, what’s missing and what’s next.


Jean will challenge you and be your biggest advocate, creating a safe environment for self-reflection, revelation and learning. Clarifying your core personal and professional goals will enable you to create specific strategies for your leadership growth. And Jean can help make your journey creative and impactful … and maybe even fun.


Jean invites you to talk with her to see if her style matches your needs. You can reach Jean via email at: jean@jbgasenandassociates or give her a call at: 804.432.3085.



Jean has provided leadership development, coaching and team development to a wide variety of mid-level and senior executives in both public and private, for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Client organizations include: the Federal Reserve Bank, Capital One, United Network Organ Sharing, National Council on Aging, US Patent Office, Cherry Bekaert, Luck Companies, American Counseling Association, and many more.


As an academic, Jean was an Information Systems faculty member for 15 years, and worked extensively with technically oriented leaders in both her academic and corporate coaching work. Jean also later served as the Director of Leadership and Executive Coaching at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business where she oversaw leadership and coaching development in all of VCU’s Executive Master’s programs from 2014-2018.


As a senior leader in industry, Jean worked for 9 years at Capital One, where she led IT University’s effort to create a full range of learning to more than 3,000 IT associates. She later served as Director of Core Learning at the consolidated Capital One University where she managed all corporate-wide and cross-functional training in areas including leadership and management development, competency development, and both project and process management development.


Jean holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Educational Psychology, a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Information Systems and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching. She maintains a PCC level of coaching certification from the International Coach Federation, and is certified in a number of leadership tools, including the DiSC®, Tetramap®, and The Leadership Circle® System, which includes The Leadership Circle 360®, the Leadership Circle Culture Survey®, and the full suite of tools offered by the Full Circle Group.  Jean has also served as a senior consultant to The Full Circle Group for more than 10 years, offering debrief consultation assistance to other coaches as they become certified in this powerful set of tool for leaders.


In her spare time, Jean enjoys working out, hiking, reading and going to all types of music – from classical to rock’n’roll.

What We Do


Leadership Coaching


Leadership Facilitation


Leadership Keynotes

01- Leadership Coaching

Each leader is unique. Please get in touch to learn how we can tailor your executive leadership coaching engagement to meet your specific needs!

Leadership 360 Assessment

Using The State-of-the-Art Leadership Circle 360 with two 90 minute debriefs to enable an understanding of how you see yourself and how others see you

Leadership Development Planning

Using Your Current Leadership Assessment to Design a Leadership Development Plan that Fits Your Desired Outcomes and Schedule

Executive Leadership Coaching

Individualized 1:1 Coaching to Enable You to Reach Your Leadership Goals

Reflection and Feedback

Reflecting on, and celebrating, the gains while moving forward with sustainable new leadership skills

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Facilitation
02- Leadership Facilitation Topics

Ask us how we can tailor these presentations to fit your needs. Get in touch below to learn more about how we can bring these important skills to your organization today!

03- Leadership Keynotes
Keynote 1.jpeg
Keynote 3.jpeg
Keynote 2.jpeg

Most of the topics listed under Leadership Facilitation can also be tailored to a keynote presentation or "lunch and learn". Use them to look for ideas that might be of interest for an engaging and interactive presentation!

Sample Testimonial Excerpts: What Was Your Greatest Impact from Jean's Coaching?*

“I now have a better understanding of how my growth and ability to delegate impacts my team and the department... I am feeling more confident in my leadership abilities.”

“The greatest impact is on my leadership presence - how I am viewed by my peers, subordinates and coworkers, and how that can help shape my approach to leadership”

“I now have self-awareness about things that I did not realize- I have worked on addressing those items and have seen very positive results.”

And...What 3 Words Would You Use to Describe Jean's Coaching Style?*

3 word cloud.jpeg

*Source: 2018 Survey of 25 Coaching Clients Who Provided Confidential Feedback on Jean Gasen's Leadership Coaching


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Jean B. Gasen, PCC, PhD

m: 804.432.3085

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